Program Introduction

Program Introduction

Medical science is a subject that is constantly advancing in response to social changes in technology, economics, health insurance and systems, etc. Therefore, medical education also needs continuous advancing to cultivate future talents. CMU actively promotes the “MD/PhD Physician Scientist Training Program", which aims to cultivate international leadership talents in medical fields and to attract top students to study in CMU.

In most cases in Taiwan, medical students will enter their resident doctor career soon after they obtain bachelor's degree. If willing to pursue career in clinical research, one will make further study plan after becoming attending physician (visiting staff). This is the typical MD/PhD process, also known as the “MD/PhD 1.0”.

To cultivate new generation of physician scientists, since 2015 we recruit 2nd to 4th year students with research potential to our program, which is called the“MD/PhD 2.0”. In addition, since 2018, we recruit freshmen students from the School of Medicine that were enrolled by“individual application" or“multi-star project", which is the "MD/PhD 3.0".

Both CMU and our students benefit from this flexible enrollment system and achieve the vision of cultivating sustainable talents.


Program Objectives

The program objectives are: 

1. To cultivate elite medical talents with competence in major medical problem solving, clinical and basic medical research, and international influence in biotechnology industry.

2. To cultivate new generation of physician scientist to breakthrough the existing and future medical dilemma, including the aspects in health policy, academia-industry research and development, medical education, and medical humanities.

3. To cultivate talents in medical science research. Moreover, sustainably operate and manage international medical talents.